If there are any legal obstacles to the decisions to be taken for the children they should be removed immediately.


The World Children’s Day celebration, organised by the Ministry of Women and Child Affairs, was held (01.10.2023) at the Temple Trees under the patronage of Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena at the invitation of State Minister of Women and Child Affairs, Mrs. Geetha Kumarasinghe.


The Prime Minister addressing the event commented as follows.

“The government is taking numerous steps to make many proposals and to implement them in order to make a better future for children, to protect the children amidst a number of problems, and to fulfil the expectations of the children and make them happy. It is essential to provide the necessary additional protection and support for enhancing those measures.

There can be no obstacles for children to enjoy their rights in the society and to transform into their role that can be played as citizens of the future society. If there are such legal obstacles, those obstacles should be removed.

We as the government should not hesitate to make and implement the necessary decisions in that regard.

The private sector makes a considerable contribution from their income for the benefit of children. I am Thankful for that.

We have to make decisions on behalf of about 5 million children. There are a large number of children who drop out of school. However, we are only talking about the kids who pass and fail in examinations.

We are working to actively support the Minister’s efforts to further strengthen necessary statutes including child protection laws.

There is no children’s cinema in our country. We should build one. There is no need for big film halls. We are ready to support such a project together with the Prime Minister’s Office and Provincial Councils. By doing so, we can open the door to another avenue for children’s satisfaction.”

The State Minister of Women and Child Affairs Geetha Kumarasinghe commented as follows.

Children’s Day is celebrated all over the world. Some question whether children are celebrated only on the first of October. No. We protect children in all the 365 days. We stand for our children.

There is no proper concern over the preschool. Pre-school is never considered seriously in Sri Lanka. Pre-schools can be opened in any place they want as they wish. We have changed that situation.

School girls face a health related problem every month. Some do not go to school on those days. I request that the sanitary napkins needed by these children be provided for a small amount through the Department of Education. Children in orphanages should be given vocational training. They cannot be thrown on the street as soon as they turn 18. There should be a plan in that regard.”

The event included programmes such as the issuance of a Children’s Day stamp, children’s programmes, evaluations, award of certificates and gift, and State Minister Shantha Bandara, Parliamentarian Jagath Kumara, Ministry Secretaries, heads of government and non-government institutions, local and foreign representatives and a large group of children participated in the event.


Prime Minister’s Media Division

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