Chris Christie takes wait-and-see approach to Trump indictment news

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said Sunday he is reserving judgment about the charges against former President Donald Trump until he actually sees what the charges are.

Christie, a former federal prosecutor, said he wants to read the indictment first before he decides whether the case is fair or partisan, as many of his GOP colleagues claim.

“You know, one of the things I found really amazing on both sides of this is that people are willing to comment on the efficacy of an indictment before you’ve even read it,” Christie said Sunday during a panel discussion on ABC’s “This Week.”

Christie, a Trump acolyte-turned-critic and potential 2024 presidential rival, said Sunday that while criticism of Trump’s attacks on the judicial system is fair, there are “legitimate questions,” about Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s motives.

“You can be incredibly critical of the way Trump treats all of our institutions, the judiciary, being part of it. And he has called for the use of prosecutorial power against people that he’s opposed to without knowing at all what the facts are. He should be criticized for that. I’ve criticized him for it and others have,” Christie said.

“At the same time, there can be legitimate questions to be raised about Alvin Bragg’s conduct and his lack of use of prosecutorial discretion here,” said, Christie, who argued that Bragg may not be making the best use of his limited resources.

“What I hate about our conversations about this right now, George, is that you have to be in one camp or the other. It’s not true,” Christie told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos.

The charges, Christie noted, could contain some unexpected material. “I do think there may be surprises in there for us,” he said.

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