Mark Latham Belfield protest turns violent; Dominic Perrottet, Chris Minns in campaign’s final weeks; Liberal Party future fund raises questions

One point of difference between the two parties is on raising the Warragamba Dam, and that is the subject of the next question.

The Coalition has pledged to raise the dam wall by 16 metres at a cost of $690 million. Labor will scrap the plan.
Perrottet reiterated his government’s plans to raise the wall, saying hundreds of properties would not have been flooded in the recent Hawkesbury floods if the wall had been raised by 14 metres, while Minns said the project would eventually cost the government $3 billion.

But there was one thing the two leaders agreed on: development on Sydney’s flood plain has to stop.

“One thing is raising the wall, the other thing is just not making these mistakes of … new homes being built on floodplains,” Perrottet said. “We need to build in safe areas.”

And Minns: “We don’t think it’s right that communities in western Sydney take their share of population growth as well as everybody else’s share, when there’s not even the infrastructure to cope with the population as it stands today.”

Minns added that the government had plans to double the population on Sydney’s floodplain, a claim Perrottet again denied.

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