Missing Dallas zoo monkeys recovered but other incidents still a mystery | Dallas

A mystery is unfolding at the Dallas zoo as two emperor tamarin monkeys were reported missing on Monday in what is now the fourth recent incident involving animals at the popular attraction in Texas.

Previously a vulture was apparently killed and a clouded leopard escaped after its cage was cut open. Before that another monkey cage was deliberately damaged.

In the most recent twist of events, yet another enclosure appears to have been intentionally tampered with. Zoo officials confirmed a hole was found in the enclosure of the emperor tamarin monkeys and two were believed to have been stolen.

Dallas police were able to locate the monkeys early on Tuesday evening, and the tamarins were transported back to the zoo.

In a statement, the zoo said: “We are thrilled beyond belief to share that our two emperor tamarin monkeys have been found. They will be evaluated by our veterinarians this evening.”

The zoo confirmed it would share details of the recovery and updates on the tamarins on their social media on Wednesday, however the series of events have stunned the institution.

Last week, a 35-year-old endangered lappet-faced vulture named Pin suspiciously died with an unusual wound. Zoo officials mourned the bird’s demise and called the loss “devastating”.

Earlier this month, the fencing of the clouded leopard enclosure appeared to have been intentionally cut open, allowing four-year-old Nova to escape before being safely returned home later that day.

She was found on zoo grounds near her habitat. Before that, more primates were targeted. Another hole was found in the enclosure of the langur monkeys, but none got out.

The tampering with the monkey enclosure happened despite the zoo increasing security and adding additional cameras on the premises.

No arrests have been made so far and police have not confirmed whether the incidents are linked.

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