Admin Building of Sandahiru Seya declared open

The Defence Secretary vested the new facility in the administrative staff of the sacred venue amidst religious blessings of Ven. Maha Sangha this morning.

Religious proceedings were presided over by Ven. Ramaela Piyatissa thero during the session.The Chief of Defence Staff, Tri-Forces Chiefs and the Director General of the Civil Security Department were also present at the brief opening ceremony.
The newfangled adding was constructed with technical expertise and human resource of the tri-forces personnel in conforming to quality standards.
Fulfilling a much awaited requirement, the new structure will house various managerial workrooms associated with the giant monument of our time, under one roof.

The ‘Sandahiru Seya’, built to commemorate the war veterans who sacrificed their lives and limbs for the motherland, was vested in Ven. Maha Sangha and for veneration of devotees in November, 2021.

Senior military officers including Military Liaison Officer of the Defence Ministry Maj. Gen. Dinesh Nanayakkara, ministry staffers and project officers were also present at the occasion.


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