Revising the Buddhist temporalities ordinance no. 19 of 1931 and Drafting of Theravada Monk Discourse (Registration) Act.

Although steps were taken several times before to amend the Buddhist temporalities ordinance no. 19 of 1931, the amendments could not be finalized due to the non-agreement on the ideas and proposals presented by various parties. The relevant parties have now reached an agreement on the proposed amendments. Further, various parties have submitted proposals to introduce an Act including provisions to enforce the decision of the Sangha Sabha, in the event that any monk does not follow the decision reached by the Sangha Sabha of any sect or party. It has been decided to take these suggestions into consideration and further revise the basic bill for drafting the Theravada Monk Discourse (Registration) Act and prepare the said bill accordingly. As such, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal presented by the Minister of Buddhasasana, Religious and Cultural Affairs to take the initiative to prepare a bill for the amendment of the Buddhist temporalities ordinance No. 19 of 1931 and to draft bill for the revision of Theravada Monk Discourse (Registration) Act.

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