Won’t allow govt. to cultivate Ganja in Embilipitiya: Ven. Omalpe Sobhitha | Sri Lanka News

The Chief Sanghanayake (Dakshina Lankawa) of the Ramanna Sect, Ven. Omalpe Sobhitha Thera stressed that the Mahasangha and the Buddhists in Embilipitiya will not allow the government to implement the proposed project to cultivate 10000 acres of Ganja in Embilipitiya.

 Addressing the ceremony to mark the appointment of Ven. Itthedemaliye Dhammairi as Chief Sanghanayake of Kolonna Korala, the prelate said the government is planning to cultivate Ganja under the pretext of economic development. 

Ven. Sothitha pointed out that Embilipitiya is now a fast developing area, rich in physical resources and its present spiritual development was due to the efforts of the Mahasangha and the Buddhists, but the government is planning to bring disrepute to the area once again as a Ganja producing area.

“The government has other means to develop the economy. Pulmoddai mineral sand resources is one such entity where systematic exploitation and proper management of it would bring billions of rupees to the government and bridge the budget deficit. However, the government that left the benefits of tapping natural resources in the country to the private sector investors is now attempting to depend on Ganja cultivation.” Ven. Sobhitha said.  

He further said Ganja cultivation would result in social and spiritual degradation instead of economic development.  (Ajithlal Shanthaudaya)



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