The Speaker endorses the certificate on a number of Bills

Accordingly, the Speaker endorsed the certificate on the Small Claims Courts’ Procedure, Judicature (Amendment), High Court of the Provinces (Special Provisions) (Amendment),
Civil Procedure Code (Amendment), Kandyan Marriage and Divorce (Amendment), Code of Criminal Procedure (Amendment), Children and Young Persons (Amendment), Dangerous Animals (Amendment) Bills.

Thus, the said Bills will come to effect from the 17 th of November 2022 as Small Claims Court Procedure Act No. 33 of 2022, Judicature (Amendment) Act No. 34 of 2022, High Court of the Provinces (Special Provisions) (Amendment) Act No. 35 of 2022, Civil Procedure Code (Amendment) Act No. 36 of 2022, Kandyan Marriage and Divorce (Amendment) Act No. 37 of 2022, Code of Criminal Procedure (Amendment) Act No. 38 of 2022, Children and Young Persons (Amendment) Act No. 39 of 2022 and Dangerous Animals (Amendment) Act No. 40 of 2022.


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