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Sri Lanka will never receive the emergency loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Mawbima Janatha Party Leader and the Tamil Diaspora General Secretary Nimalan Vishwanathan said.

Addressing the media, he said Sri Lanka doesn't still have any proper mechanism to meet the conditions laid down by the IMF.

“The Sri Lankan government is only thinking of imposing taxes on innocent people to show them that the government has the capability of getting the loan facility from the IMF. “This is an utter waste of time,” he said.

We know what the standard  IMF maintains for granting loan facilities. We have studied that. Even one of the secretaries from the IMF confirmed that it is difficult to uplift the country even with the IMF grant, Vishwanathan said.

The IMF officials said that our country should have a mechanism to develop its economy. By imposing huge taxes on innocent people, the country cannot go forward. “People cannot do any business in the country with these huge taxes to help develop the economy,” he said.

Therefore, Vishwanathan asked the government as to why there was no proper mechanism to help develop the country's economy. It is sad to say that the country still has no plans to develop its economy.

But we have plans to implement programs through our party with the help of people around the world, including the Sri Lankan community. We are expecting our party to register at the next election. After that, we made a plan for solving the fuel and dollar crises in the country.

“We have given our proposals to the President, but no response has been received from him so far. “To uplift Sri Lanka's economy, there should be a proper structure,” he said.

“We can provide sufficient dollars as payment for fuel shipments. We can invest in the country to uplift its economy. “But it is unfortunate that we have not given any task to complete as yet,” he added. (Indika Sri Aravinda)




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