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September 21, today is observed as Zero Emissions Day, which has become a worldwide movement aimed at ending the burning of fossil fuels for 24 hours on that day.

In Sri Lanka, toxic fumes emitted by vehicles are considered to be a primary source of environmental pollution.

Sri Lanka is bound by many international environmental agreements. Our country also has a great responsibility to prevent environmental pollution.

That situation has been a major factor affecting Sri Lanka in obtaining foreign loans as well as tourism.

The Emissions Trust Fund, which operates under the Department of Motor Traffic (DMT), is carrying out a major mission in Sri Lanka to control the toxins emitted by vehicles.

Almost six million vehicles are subjected to emission testing each year, and around 450 centres have been set up across the island. 20% of vehicles submitted for this inspection fail the first round.

This is also an opportunity to identify the vehicles that are emitting toxic fumes to the environment and to remedy the defects in those vehicles. This also controls the large amount of solution released into the environment.

The government charge for this emission test is not a tax. It is a test fee.

A part of the money received is also used for funds for environmental conservation. Just as we meet our own transportation needs, we should not compromise another person's right to breathe.

The Emissions Trust Fund of the DMT rules is in place to create a smoke-free environment to protect your health. (Chaturanga Samarawickrama)

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