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It is reported that a research conducted by the Pesticides Registrar’s Office has revealed that imported rice contains carcinogens as well as many toxic chemicals that cause birth defects or cancer, the ‘Aruna’ newspaper reports.

Research on samples of imported rice had revealed they contain 43% of Lead, 26% of Cadmium, 20% of Mercury, and 47% of Selenium.

According to that office, the permissible amounts of Arsenic in rice consumed in Sri Lanka is only 0.2% while Lead, Mercury and Selenium should be at 0.2%, 0.1% and 0.3% respectively.

All these heavy metal compounds are said to be carcinogens as well.

In this research, rice samples were first taken, washed with water, powdered and then digested with hydrogen peroxide before being analysed using a device called PMS.

Research officers of the Pesticides Registrar’s Office discovered information about high percentages of heavy metals in imported rice during this research.

Many types of chemicals banned in Sri Lanka have been used for production of this imported rice, such as glyphosate, carbofuran, monocrotophos etc.

Imported rice can be kept intact for two years, with more chemicals used for longer preservation of stocks.

In the 1st eight months of this year, 596,440 MT of rice have been imported, at the cost of Rs. 64,591 million.

Despite footing the staggering import cost, the government has failed to provide Rs. 02 billion to the Paddy Marketing Board to buy rice crops of the ‘Yala’ season.

(Source – Aruna)

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