Political parties have no internal democracy: Mahinda Deshapriya | Breaking News

Mahinda Deshapriya, the former chairman of the Election Commission, said the lack of internal democracy in political parties has prevented the youth from coming into power.

In a statement, he further stated that leaders in all political parties enjoy unlimited power.

Mr. Deshapriya said,”A big concern raised these days is that if government officials retire at the age of 60, why not politicians do the same. No one asks why Supreme Court judges or university professors are allowed to go on until 65. If a government employee who retires at 59 decided to join politics, won’t he or she get the opportunity to enter politics? On the other hand, what’s the situation with our youths? I am not condemning the youths. I stand for them, but there is this confusion between the youths and the elders. A parliament with either 100 % senior citizens of 100 % youth is not practical and won’t be able to solve issues. What is the reason behind the youngsters not getting the opportunity to come into power? The main point is that there is no internal democracy in political parties. If you look at any party, their leaders enjoy unlimited power. As long as this is not changed, the issues of the youth or the women, or even the plights of the minority communities such as Tamils and Muslims will not be resolved.”

Source – Ada Derana

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