Japan Ambassador attends send-off ceremony of technical intern trainees | Breaking News

Ambassador of Japan to Sri Lanka – Mr. Mizukoshi Hideaki attended the send-off ceremony today (16) held by Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment to give words of encouragement for 26 trainees, who will be visiting Japan under Technical Intern Training program.

The core purpose of the Technical Intern Training program is to develop human resources in developing countries, so that trainees can acquire advanced skills, technology and knowledge in Japan and utilize them for economic and social development of their mother countries.

In his remarks, Ambassador Mizukoshi extended his warm congratulations to them for their visiting Japan and having a great opportunity to acquire excellent Japanese skills, technology and knowledge in this special year of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Sri Lanka. He mentioned that they would be able to add value to development process of Sri Lanka through obtaining new employment opportunities and creating new business by utilizing their skills acquired in Japan after returning to Sri Lanka, especially, at a time when Sri Lanka is going through an unprecedented economic crisis.

He also emphasized his hopes that they complete their training successfully and actively interact with Japanese people so that Japanese people will gain better understanding of Sri Lanka and its people and they will build bridges of friendship between our two countries that will last long after their stay in Japan and expand beyond their training areas. 




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