Novice monk flees in Defender after killing chief incumbent! | Breaking News

A novice monk residing at the Vettewa Sri Nandarama Vihara in Seeduwa has allegedly killed the chief incumbent and fled in a Defender vehicle, Police said.

The Chief incumbent was identified as 55-year-old Nedagamuwe Mahanama Thera. His body was found strangled to death inside the Vihara Geya.

According to the police, only the 18-year-old noice monk had been living in this isolated temple along with the Chief Incumbent.

It has been revealed that there have been frequent disputes between the two monks mainly due to the property of the temple and complaints have been received from both of them.

Police investigations have been launched based on information received by the Seeduwa Police last evening (14th) that the chief incumbent had been killed.

The police investigations were launched under the direction of Negombo Superintendent of Police Eric Perera.

Police suspect that the killing had taken place two or three days ago.

It was reported that the suspect was seen in the temple last morning as well, but fled in the Defender vehicle that was at the temple after the news about the death spread in the area.


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