Tooting vehicle horns to Kaputu kaak kaak kaak: Lawyer discharged from case | Sri Lanka News

A lawyer who had been charged under Motor Traffic Act for tooting vehicle horns for the popular rhythm of 'Kaputu kaak kaak kaak was today ordered to be discharged from the case by Colombo Colombo Additional Magistrate M. S. Prabhakaran.

The Fort Police filed charges against Attorney-at-Law Dushmantha Weeraratne under section 155(2) of the Motor Traffic Act for whistling other than a horn sounding a single note at Galle Face green on last Friday (9).

Colombo Additional Magistrate strictly advised the Fort Police not to act in bias manner when framing charges and emphasised the necessity of understanding the law prior to instituting legal action.

A group lawyers including President's Counsels Saliya Peiris, Sarath Jayamanne PC and Senior Counsel Kaushalya Nawaratne appearing for the lawyer challenged the maintainability of the charges against their client.

While drawing the attention of Jana Ghosha case (Amaratunga v Sirimal), defence counsel highlighted the importance of allowing people to exercise their freedom of speech and expression including their right to dissent. (Lakmal Sooriyagoda)

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