Supplier withdraws from supplying fish to National Hospital | Breaking News

The fish supplier at the National Hospital, Colombo has withdrawn from supplying fish due to arrears in payments, All Ceylon Nurses Association President S. Mediwatta said.

He said the Ministry of Health owes an amount of Rs.50 million to the supplier and the supplies have been stopped until the payments are settled.

Mr. Mediwatta has told ‘Aruna’ newspaper that the patients were given dried fish instead of fish in their diet for several months.

He also said that the rice supplier is reluctant to provide rice as the ministry has to pay a large amount of money to that supplier as well.

Due to the delay in the supply of rice by the supplier on the day before yesterday (12), the meal that was supposed to be given to the inpatients at 11.30 am had been given at around 1.00 pm and due to this, cooked food had been thrown away in large amounts.

Meanwhile, Health Ministry Secretary Janaka Sri Chandragupta said that all the hospitals have been given funds to go ahead with procurements.

However, he said that it has been reported that there are arrears to be paid in several hospitals and the issue of fish supply in the National Hospital, Colombo has not been reported. He said he would look into the matter.

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