Lotus Tower ticket fake but thanks for the publicity, says Sri Lanka Chinese embassy | Sinhala News

Sri lanka News – An entrance ticket to Sri Lanka’s controversial Lotus Tower, a Chinese-built 104 million dollar behemoth, that purportedly permits free entrance to Sri Lankan parliamentarians and Chinese nationals is fake, the Chinese embassy in Sri Lanka said.

An image said to be a photograph of the ticket has been circulating on Sri Lankan social media, with a print that says entrance is complimentary for children under five years of age, members of parliament, and Chinese nationals who possess a valid passport.

The embassy tweeted Wednesday September 14 morning that the ticket was “forged” and asked users to verify before tweeting.

In rather caustic language, typical of the embassy’s Twitter account, it said “thanks for the free publicity though”.

Ten years after its construction began and after an apparent false start in 2019, the Lotus Tower, dubbed South Asia’s tallest structure, is set to commence operations on Thursday September 15.


Sri Lanka’s Chinese-built Lotus Tower to be commence operations on Sep 15


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