Chicken flies high; fetches Rs.1,450 per kg: Poultry Traders Assn. | Sri Lanka News

The price of one kilogramme of chicken in the local market is being sold at Rs. 1,450 and the price will go up by Rs. 50 every three days, the president of the Poultry Traders Association of Bastian Avenue, M.I.M. Iqbal, said.

Addressing the media, he said the price of chicken needs to be increased as per decision taken by the 15 large-scale poultry farmers. 

“The required stocks of poultry meat are available with them to cater to the demand. We are also buying from them. Once every three days, the farmers used to increase the prices of chicken by Rs 50, “he said.

Large-scale farmers always take collective decisions on pricing. As a result, we cannot face our consumers. Most of them criticise us. In the meantime, poultry farmers lamenting about the shortage of poultry feed.

In this context, the government should take immediate action to set a controlled price, as done on eggs. Otherwise, the industry will collapse and there will be a huge shortage of chicken which will result in increasing malnutrition among people. (Chaturanga Samarawickrama)

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