Software engineer arrested for swindling kidney & cancer patients | Breaking News

A software engineer who allegedly swindled money from the accounts of patients who were collecting donations by posting advertisements for kidney and cancer surgeries, was arrested by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in Colombo Yesterday (12).

The investigations revealed that two patients have already died without being able to undergo surgeries due to lack of funds.

The 25-year-old suspect has defrauded the money through online money transfer software under the guise of donating money to patients.

He has allegedly received training during a course he followed in Singapore to swindle money through software.

He has used IPay and Just Pay software to enter patients’ accounts.

Under the guise of donating hundreds and thousands of money to patients’ accounts, he had first deposited smaller amounts such as Rs.100 and Rs.500 and then had obtained the OTP number by deceiving the patient.

He has promised to deposit more money in large numbers.

By the time he receives the OTP number, he has already set up a separate account on behalf of the patient using the information available in the advertisements. As soon as the patient gives the OTP number, the money has been transferred to the new account.

The Police have received complaints from across the country regarding this fraud and the CID has also received complaints.

The suspect has wired money from the accounts amounting to 1-1.5 million rupees from some patients.

As a result, a large number of patients have been inconvenienced by losing the money they had collected for surgery.

Source – Aruna

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