Sigiriya is not a fortress but a leisure park! | Breaking News

Research information has revealed that Sigiriya was not a fortress in the past but a leisure park, Tourism Ministry Secretary Chulananda Perera said.

Speaking at an event held in Kandy, he also said, “The whole world knows Sigiriya as a tourist destination but the truth about Sigiriya is not known to the world. Though Sigiriya is recognized as a popular tourist and cultural destination, there is no proper methodology behind this.

“Therefore, the Department of Archeology, the Cultural Center and the UNICEF officials held a very positive discussion on how to rectify this. We usually visit Sigiriya thinking it was a fortress. If Sigiriya was a fortress, why is it so aesthetically built with so many ponds and many beautiful flower gardens? Actually, Sigiriya is not a fortress but a beautiful leisure park. Like Peradeniya, Sigiriya has been built by the King as a relaxing leisure park. This has been confirmed by historic evidence unearthed.”

(Source- Hiru)

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