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Police have arrested a teenager who had stolen a bus from the Piliyandala bus depot to see his girlfriend.

The suspect has been identified as a 15-year-old resident of the Siddamulla area in Mattegoda.

According to reports, 04 bus drivers operating from the Piliyandala bus depot had arrived at the depot to watch the finals of the Asia Cup 2022 together last night.

They had parked their buses and gone to watch the match and had gone out for dinner during the innings break. Upon returning, they had realized one of the buses was missing and informed the police.

In their complaint, the driver has mentioned that he had left the key in the ignition.  Since most shop owners had closed their shops due to the match, they had no access to CCTV footage either.

Piliyandala police had launched immediate investigations and accordingly, police officers at the checkpoint near the Kesbewa – Piliyandala junction had noticed a bus and ordered it to stop.

The suspect had been arrested as he had attempted to abandon the vehicle and flee. 

During interrogations, the teenager had revealed that he had been returning after meeting his girlfriend.

Stating that he had arranged to meet his girlfriend after 08 pm yesterday, the boy said that upon arriving at the bus depot he realized there were no buses operating.

He had carefully inspected all the buses parked at the depot and had taken off with one that had the key in its ignition to Moragahahena to see his girlfriend. 

Further investigations have revealed that the teenager had stolen a bus to see his girlfriend on a previous occasion as well and had been apprehended near Homagama.

The suspect is due to be produced before the Kesbewa Magistrate’s court.

(Source : Ada)

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