Rs.28,000 million spent on chilli imports in seven months! | Breaking News

As much as Rs.28,612 million has been spent to import 18,556 metric tons of chilli in seven months, Agriculture Minister Mahinda Amaraweera said.

This amount has been imported from January to July this year and the Ministry of Agriculture said that the imported chilies have been treated with highly toxic chemicals which are banned in the country.

The ministry said plans have been made to produce 80 per cent of the country’s chilli needs within the next two years while farmers from Anuradhapura have said that they are ready to supply 20 per cent of the country’s chilli requirement.

They expressed these views during Agriculture Minister Amaraweera’s visit to inspect chilli plantations in several areas including Yakalla, Ketakala, Tambuththegama in Anuradhapura under the Agriculture Sector Modernization Project.

The farmers pointed out that they can grow an acre of chilli and earn an income of Rs.7.4 million within a period of six months.

The minister said that despite having the ability to successfully grow chilli in the country, more than 60 per cent of the chilli requirement is still imported.

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