SLFP MPs breached party position by accepting ministerial posts: MS | Sri Lanka News

Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP ) leader former President Maithripala Sirisena said its MPS who accepted ministerial posts had done so without approval of the party .

He , in a statement, says some SLFP MPS had accepted Ministerial posts for their own personal gain, contrary to the position of the Party.

“the SLFP was the first to propose that an All-party Interim Government should be established to create political stability in the country and overcome the prevailing crisis, as has been accepted by all parties, both nationally and internationally. We are also concerned about the Government’s position in offering Ministerial posts to several SLFP MPS, giving a false impression to the general public that the SLFP is also holding positions and supporting the current Government, without any discussion with the Party or the Party leadership, while the negotiations are ongoing for the establishment of an Allparty Government.

The arbitrarily awarding of Ministerial positions to MPS without any agreement with the SLFP shows that there is no real desire in the Government to establish such an All-party Government as we suggested.

Therefore, only a power-hungry Government rejected by the people will, as usual, be established again. It is also a ruthless dismissal of the opinion of the religious leaders including the Buddhist clergy, scholars and professionals, civil society activists, and the general public. On the other hand, it ignores the hopes of the international community, which hopes for political stability in order to provide support to alleviate the country’s growing economic crisis. Therefore, even in such a challenging and confusing political environment, as a responsible political party in Sri Lanka, the SLFP states that it will act more responsibly and sensibly for the security and welfare of the country and people, with a good focus on current political events.

We, the SLFP, emphasize that a group of SLFP MPS arbitrarily accepting Ministerial positions without the approval of the Party will not affect the future political programmes of the SLFP,” he said.

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