‘Parliamenthu Sara Sanhitha’ Academic Journal is now available as an e-book on the Parliament website

The first and second volumes of the ‘Parliamenthu Sara Sanhitha’ Academic Journal can be obtained via the link on; https://www.parliament.lk/si/secretariat/academic-journal The book contains articles by scholars, professionals and researchers representing the academic field in a number of areas such as legislative process, sustainable development, electoral system and its amendments, parliamentary reporting and mass media, public relations and trends in Sri Lankan women’s politics.

Conducting academic research on democracy has become a positive need for social, economic, political as well as development. This academic compendium is published annually by the Department of Communication of the Parliament of Sri Lanka in order to make the Parliament of Sri Lanka a more people-centric institution by establishing the stability and security of the democratic social system with the new knowledge, new achievements and new dimensions generated by it.

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