Sri Lanka IMF deal should be be tabled in parliament: Harsha | Sinhala News

Sri lanka News – Sri Lanka’s agreement with the International Monetary Fund should be tabled in parliament, opposition legislator Harsha de Silva who also heads a panel on public finance said.

The IMF staff level agreement plans a correction of the primary deficit from 4.0 percent of gross domestic product this year to 2.3 percent surplus by 2024.

“There will have to be new taxes,” de Silva told reporters. “There may have to be taxes on dividends or indirect taxes.

“Please table it in the parliament.”

In the past finalized IMF programs have been released to the public after they were approved by the IMF’s board and the first disbursement made.

De Silva heads the parliament’s Committee on Public Finance.

Under Sri Lanka’s constitution parliament had control of the budget.

“This has not been passed by parliament,” he said. “If it is not tabled in parliament by Tuesday I will take some actions as the chairman of the Public Finance Committee.”

An IMF program series of prior actions before it is approved by its board.

This may include an interim budget. In the case of the current passing the 2023 budget is a prior action, officials have said.

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