Sri Lanka’s rupee guidance peg against US dollar falls; Govt securities hardly traded  | Sinhala News

Sri lanka News –The Central Bank’s rupee guidance peg for interbank transactions against US dollar weakened by another 37 cents on Friday (02) while yields in Treasury Bills and  bonds remained unchanged in dull trade, dealers said.

Bonds maturing on 01. 06. 2025 closed at 28.25/29.30 percent, while maturing on 15.05.2031 closed 29.00/75 percent, hardly changed from the previous close.

Three- month T-bill closed at 31.00/32.30 percent.

Analysts said the debt market is closely monitoring the government’s debt restructuring process with concerns of possible restructuring in the rupee-denominated government securities.

Sri Lanka’s central bank announced a guidance peg for interbank transactions which was 37 cents lower to 361.45 rupees against the US dollar on Friday from the previous day’s 361.08 rupees.

Data showed that commercial banks offered dollars for telegraphic transfers between 368.45 and 370.00 for small transactions.

Banks offered to buy inward remittances at 358.45 -359.00 rupees. (Colombo/ Sep 02/2022)

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