No fuel from CPC despite filling stations paying Rs.3,000mn! | Breaking News

A total of 712 filling stations have paid Rs.3,000 million to the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) by day before yesterday (30) but no diesel or petrol stocks were released by the CPC as of yesterday evening (31), Petroleum Dealers’ Association (PDA) Co-Secretary Kapila Naotunna said.

Therefore, he said that it was not possible to manage the queues forming up near filling stations.

The CPC has informed the dealers that they have to deposit money into the corporation’s account in order to buy fuel.

When inquired why there’s no delivery even after making payments, the CPC has said that distribution is not being done properly by the Ceylon Petroleum Storage Terminals Limited (CPSTL).

Mr. Naotunna said the CPSTL officials have said that there are no tankers to transport fuel, which is unacceptable.

Meanwhile, the tanker owners said that they have not received fuel for their vehicles to transport fuel.

The petroleum distributors claimed that the process of fuel distribution is inefficient due to the mismanagement of the CPSTL.

Mr. Naotunna alleged that CPSTL officials are even ignoring the orders of their Chairman and they are delaying the distribution of fuel because they have no opportunity to gain an undue advantage from it.

However, Energy Minister Kanchana Wijesekera said in a tweet yesterday (31) that distribution lapses have been rectified and more stocks have been dispatched in the last four days.

“The CPSTL will continue to distribute 4000MT Diesel and 3000MT Petrol daily,” he said.

Source – Aruna

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