All SOE's need restructuring – Kanchana | Breaking News

Minister of Power and Energy – Kanchana Wijesekara has said that a smaller but  capable and efficient workforce at the CEB, CPC & CPSTL would ‘do the job’.

“While there are capable & efficient workers at CEB, CPC & CPSTL, the majority are inefficient & incompetence. A good 500 workforce instead of the 4200 could do the job efficiently at CPC- CPSTL & half of the 26000 workforce at CEB. Trade Unions thrive on inefficient members,” he has tweeted.

“All SOEs need restructuring. Political decisions, political appointments, misadministration & incompetence has led to the downfall. I don’t think majority of the public workforce will survive in the private sector or be recruited at all. Performance based salaries is a must,” he has added.


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