President’s office to issue circular directing officials to stop misusing positions | Breaking News

The President’s office is to issue a circular directing officials not to misuse their positions and seek government offices to provide services on a priority basis.

The move follows after revelations of misuse of positions and their names to obtain services.

Accordingly, the Immigration Department, Customs, Motor Traffic Department, Export Control Department, and Registrar of Persons, among others will be informed not to provide services on a priority basis if the names of certain officials are used.

In one of the cases, the name of a person who held a senior position had been made used to obtain passports on a priority basis.

The officer had sent five persons on one day to obtain passports on a priority basis. Investigations are also underway on whether positions were being misused to obtain services on a priority basis for an additional payment.

The decision to issue a circular has been taken also following complaints from the respective state departments that they were unable to carry out their routine work due to additional pressure by certain persons holding senior positions.

“In most departments, there is a system put in place to issue documents such as passports and identity cards.  People are very watchful and start protesting when people out of their turn”, a senior government official said.


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