Colombo temples owe Rs.29 million to CEB! | Breaking News

Several temples in the country owe Rs.29 million to the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) in bill payments, the Public Utilities Commission said.

The Chairman of the Commission Janaka Rathnayake pointed out that all of these temples are located near urban areas and have no financial difficulties. He said one temple alone owes Rs. 3 million to the CEB.

He said that although this amount was to be settled last year (2021), the payments have not been received yet. However, he said the temples in rural areas with less facilities are paying the electricity bill on the due date.

When the CEB is taking measures to disconnect the power supply to these temples, the priests in charge usually get the CEB not to go ahead with terminations by using political connections.

Mr. Rathnayake said that the responsible officials at the CEB will then disregard collecting payments from the temples but will still continue to supply electricity to these temples.

He further stated that even though the CEB officials are not showing any interest in recovering these electricity bill payments in a situation where the CEB is making losses, it is the people’s funds that are being spent to pay their salaries.

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