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Sri lanka News – Sri Lanka plans to change the country’s civil aviation law to reduce the damages paid to passengers and goods carried by domestic airlines as the thresholds were too high, a government statement said.

In 2021, Sri Lanka issued rules under the Montreal Convention for deaths or injury to passengers and miscarriage of goods.

The high thresholds were considered a barrier to the expansion of domestic airlines, the statement said.

The cabinet had approved a decision to change the provisions in the Civil Aviation Act to reduce the liability of domestic airlines under the Convention.

The rules issued in 2021 require airlines to pay 128,821 Special Drawing Rights (about Rs60mn after the latest currency crises triggered by economists) for death or injury to passengers and 5,346 SDR for damage from delays (about 2.5mn rupees).

Loss or damage to baggage up to 1,288 SDR (about Rs605,000).

A committee was appointed in 2018 to look into the possibility of exempting domestic airlines from the thresholds.

The committee had recommended that changes be made to articles 2, 5 and 8 of the Civil Aviation Act.

The cabinet had approved a proposal by the aviation minister to make required changes. (Colombo/Aug23/2022)

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