Sevanagala OIC sexually abuses police officer after intoxicating her | Breaking News

The Sevanagala Police OIC who has been accused of molesting and attempting to sexually abuse a woman police constable who is an apprentice, is absconding, the Police Child and Women Bureau said.

Investigations revealed that the suspect has been harassing the constable for a long time and is currently on leave in order to avoid the Police Child and Women Bureau following the complaint lodged by the victim.

In the past, the police officers have seen that the apprentice police constable was often present at the official residence of the police OIC.

She has told the officials of the Child and Women Bureau that she was compelled to follow the instructions of the OIC out of fear and since she was an apprentice.

The victim has told the Bureau that she was given boiled water of cannabis by the OIC to drink, saying it would increase her strength.

Cannabis has been boiled at the premises of the official residence of the OIC and that the OIC has also drunk the potion.

During the questioning, the victim has said that she was also given various types of energy boosters to drink.

She has complained to the Child and Women Bureau about the incident after she was transferred to another police station from Sevanagala.

A senior police officer has disclosed to the media that this action of the Sewanagala Police OIC was an open secret among the Sevanagala police officers as well as the residents in the area.

The officer also said this was why the apprentice constable had been transferred to another police station.

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