Prices of bakery products could be lowered drastically, if govt. intervenes: Bakery owners Assn | Sri Lanka News

If the government intervenes to control and reduce the prices of flour, eggs and margarine, the price of a loaf of bread and a bun could be brought down by Rs. 50 and Rs.25, the All Ceylon Bakery Owner's Association (ACBOA) said.

Association's head N.K. Jayawardane told the Daily Mirror that they have come to a situation where they are unable to continue with their profession.

“Price of an egg is sold now at Rs.65. “Price if a bag of flour is going up steadily almost every day. The market price of margarine is definitely beyond our reach,” he said.

The price of an egg in South India is Rs. 18. If the government can import and sell them at the cost of Rs. 30, we can reduce the prices of bread and bun, Jayawardene said.

Mafia dominates the egg industry; they even threatened us not to import eggs from India, he said. “No control in the price of wheat flour in the market. The dealers and agencies increase the prices as they wish and do so indiscriminately, saying there is a scarcity of wheat flour in the market,” he said.

Therefore, the government should step in and take necessary but stern action to reduce the prices of bakery ingredients, he added. (Chaturanga Samarawickrama)

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