Man arrested over video showing death threats on son | Sri Lanka News

An individual who attempted to compel his wife who is employed abroad to return to the country, by way of posing death threats on his five year old son was taken into custody by Kuliyapitiya police today.

The suspect had kept a sharp weapon on his five year old son’s neck and video filmed it and sent it to his wife and the employment agency as well threatening to kill his son and to commit suicide unless she returned to the country immediately.

Kuliyapitiya police that they had initiated investigations on receiving the video from the employment agency and arrested the suspect to prevent any possible danger to the child’s life.

The child who had received injuries, possibly, when the knife was pressed against the neck was admitted to Kuliyapitiya teaching hospital.

The child requested police to allow him to live with his grandmother and not to hand him over to his father who inflicted cruelties on him. The suspect to be produced in court today. (Dinesh Upendra)

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