We will not leave, send us away if possible: ’GotaGoGama’ protesters challenge | Sri Lanka News

Protesters at the Galle Face main agitation site yesterday said they will not leave the ‘Gotagogama’ over any notice and challenged the law enforcement authorities to try and send them away if possible.

Activist cum journalist Shantha Wijesooriya representing the Galle Face aragalaya said that they didn’t come to the mass protest site about four months ago with the permission of the police or the government.and that they will not leave the premises just because the police come and give notices.

He said the aragalaya had been successful so far in sending an Executive President home, a Prime Minister, a Finance Minister and all the Rajapaksa MPS.

“We are here to do a system change and not to shuffle political leaders. Last President Gotabaya Rajapaksa who had a huge mandate had to leave his seat due to his failure as a leader. If that so who is Ranil Wickremesinghe who came into the executive Presidency with no people’s mandate but just with a single bonus seat in the Parliament,” he questioned.

“The police announced us to vacate this place by 5.00 p.m. today. But we will not pay heed to their notices. Our lawyers have already filed writ petitions at the Supreme Court and they are working on that. If there’s a court ruling then we will consider. The joint Galle Face protesters will decide when and where to leave and until then we will not leave. And we tell the law enforcement authorities to try and send us away if possible,” he further said.(KURULU KOOJANA KARIYAKARAWANA)

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