State institutes to get new heads and Director Boards | Breaking News

It is reported that ministers of the present interim government have decided to remove the heads and Director Boards of state institutions and appoint fresh ones.

During the tenure of former President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, these appointments were done by a committee chaired by MP Nalaka Godaheva.

However, ministers had alleged on several counts that these chairmen and board members had not performed their duties with the best interests of the government at heart.

Therefore, it is said that the current ministers have decided to appoint fresh institution heads and Director Boards.

The appointments are to be made via the President’s Office as well as from close associates of the respective ministers.

So far, the chairmen and board members of government institutions falling under the ministries of Transport and Highways, Health, Media as well as Urban Development and Housing, have been replaced.

Too much

However, objections are also being raised in the social media regarding the number of fresh appointments that have been made continuously in the recent days.


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