Pathum Kerner ill; Evades CCD yesterday! | Breaking News

Pathum Kerner, an active member of the People’s struggle, had notified the officials of the Colombo Crime Division over the phone that he would appear before the CCD yesterday (18), but it is reported that he had not gone.

Later he had notified the CCD through a lawyer that he was unable to attend as he was ill, according to CCD sources.

He has been summoned to the Colombo Crime Division for questioning in connection with the investigation into the attack on two army soldiers near the entrance to the Parliament and the stealing of two T56 firearms.

Meanwhile, it is also reported that the Criminal Investigation Department has taken steps to impose travel bans on five key people involved in the struggle, including Pathum Kerner.

Media reports also suggest that the Criminal Investigation Department will hold a discussion with the Attorney General today (19) to impose a travel ban on the other group who allegedly caused this incident.

Meanwhile, Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna’s Sunil Handunnetthi and K. D. Lalkantha have also been ordered to report to the Criminal Investigation Department to record a statement.

Meanwhile, another wanted person involved in this incident, SJB Wattala Organizer Ivan Perera is said to have escaped to Dubai on July 10th prior to his arrest.

Investigations have been initiated for the arrest of Kerner on the charge that he led the activists to set fire to the house of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe on the night of July 09.

Seventy-two persons who damaged the Prime Minister’s Office, Temple Trees have been identified through video footage and photographs and it is said that further operations are underway to identify the suspects.

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