SL’s fuel distribution will be expedited if LIOC distributes from Kolonnawa: Ananda Palitha | Sri Lanka News

If Lanka IOC brought their fuel shipments to Ceylon Petroleum Storage Terminals Limited (CPSTL) Kolonnawa Terminal from the Dolphin Jetty, the fuel distribution system in the country would be faster than distributing from China Bay Petroleum, Samagi United Trade Union Force (SUTUF) convener and media spokesman Ananda Palitha said.

He said, earlier, the Lanka IOC had used Kolonnawa for the fuel distribution. The Lanka IOC is currently not using the Kolonnawa refinery for their fuel distribution, but they used to use the China Bay in Trinkomalee.

Because of the current fuel crisis, the majority of industrial level companies are planning permanent shutdowns.

Many companies had made their pre-orders in millions of rupees for their diesel stocks but had still not received their diesel stocks.

With this practice of the LIOC, they are unable to distribute fuel for at least 90 refuelling stations in the country per day. If they start the dispatch process from Kolonnawa, it will possible to distribute fuel to more than 200 filling stations in the country. 

However, only one diesel shipment was scheduled to be received tomorrow (15), but no petrol shipments, Samagi United Trade Union Force (SUTUF) convener and media spokesman Ananda Palitha said.

The last diesel shipment was received on June 16 from India, and the last petrol shipment was received on June 8. But no assurance can be made of receiving a petrol shipment, but full payment for the diesel shipment to be received tomorrow was paid. The government had paid an advance payment for another shipment of diesel to receive from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), but the ship would only receive the total payment if the total payment was paid. Even though the ship was received, the fuel stocks would not be unloaded until the balance payment was settled.

However, the CPC claims that another shipment of fuel will arrive in the country on July 22 or 23, but there is no record of that ship in the system. (Chaturanga Samarawickrama)

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