Fonny ready to accept presidency; Talks with SLPP | Breaking News

Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka said today that he is ready to accept presidency if the majority members in Parliament elect him to the post with the approval of the SJB.

 He said that he has been receiving constant invitations by the SLPP urging him to take up the post. 

Fonseka also said that members of parliament representing the SLPP are calling him daily to support him for a progressive political program that the country aspires.

Addressing a media briefing in Colombo he said that although the corrupt Rajapaksa regime has been defeated,  the next in line are also corrupt and the people’s hopes of a just and honest political leadership will not be realized.

Fonseka also said that he had to face numerous challenges while leading the forces during the war and he would not hesitate to take on any challenge before him.

When asked if his political discussions and invitations to take up leadership were notified to the SJB and its leader, he said that it was not required to reveal all his personal political discussions to the party leadership.

He also vouched that if he were to accept the responsibility of leading this country, he would ensure that the aspirations of the protesters is fulfilled and the country is taken to victory.

Fonseka also urged the protesters not to be in a hurry to hand over the Presidential Palace, Temple Trees etc and to hand them over once the political decisions are taken.

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