Apparent that MPs, Party leaders haven't realized their responsibility – PAFFREL | Breaking News

The People’s Action For Free and Fair Elections (PAFFREL) has said that a President and a Prime Minister under an all-party interim government should be elected with the consensus of all political parties in Parliament.

In a statement addressed to party leaders and Members of Parliament, PAFFREL has urged them not to engage in any measures which will lead to divisions.

“It has become apparent from their conduct that there are public representatives who have yet failed to realize their irrevocable responsibility as MPs and Party leaders to understand and change the prevalent economic, political and social instability in Sri Lanka,” it adds.

“If we all do not work together at this moment, no one will be able to prevent you – the politicians, and us – the citizens, from being drawn to utter destruction. Whoever takes over the government in the future will have to make unpopular decisions, and even though we, the citizens, are not directly responsible for this disaster, the citizens will also make a great sacrifice. will have to be done,” it further adds.

PAFFREL makes 08 suggestions that they urge to pay attention to, when selecting a President and PM.



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