Sri Lanka protestors come on state TV, Rupavahini, ITN suspend programs | Sinhala News

Sri lanka News – Sri Lanka’s state-run Rupavahini went off air for a time after two protestors were interviewed live on air and suspended programs, while Independent Television Network another state broadcaster is also displaying colour bars.

The headquarters of the Sri Lanka Rupahavini Corporation (SLRC), the state-owned television network, was given heavy security from morning with authorities expecting protestors expected lay siege to the station.

Two spokesmen who said they represented ‘Aragala Protestors’ came on air at 1302 hours in a ‘special broadcast talk show and told the anchor and audience that they have taken over the station (athpath kara) on behalf of the people and exhorted on the workers to be independent.

“Protestros are in the premises. We have not even aimed a stone at Rupavahini,” the person addressed by the anchor as Danish Ali said. “We only made a request to change the broadcast and join the aragala and not to join any leader than comes but be independent.”

“Now as aragala we took this over for the people we thank the staff for accepting us.

Separately state-run Independent Television Network has also suspended normal programming as is displaying colour bars. (Colombo/July13/2022)

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