Protestors enter President's Office (Video) | Breaking News

Update : Protestors protesting outside the President’s office have entered the premises.

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Tear gassing continues at Chatham Street 

Update : Tensions high as tear gassing continues at Chatham Street.

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Protestors enter President’s House 

Update : Protestors protesting outside the President’s House have entered the premises.

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Update : Protestors reach gates of President’s House

Amid continuous tear gassing, protestors have reached the main gates of the President’s house in Fort.

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Protestors break through barriers amid heavy tear gassing

Protestors have broken through barriers leading to the President’s House in Colombo amid heavy tear gassing in Chatham street.

According to reports, protestors at Chatham street had gotten hold of a water cannon truck and disassembled the cannon.

Meanwhile, Tear Gas has been fired at protestors gathered opposite the President’s Office in Colombo near the Galle Face roundabout, reports say.

Tens of thousands have been arriving in Colombo via trains and carpooling as well as by walking across huge distances amid an ongoing fuel shortage.

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