One critical, 55 injured after Sri Lanka protest clash – hospital source   | Sinhala News

Sri lanka News – At least 55 people were injured and one person was critical in Sri Lanka anti-government protest clash, a hospital source said on Saturday. hours after portesters clashed with police when they attempted to enter president Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s official residence.

“There is one critically injured patient and two other mild severe cases” an official at the National Hospital of Sri Lanka in Colombo told Economynext.

“We expect more people to come, but so far 55 have been admitted”

The youth-led potesters mainly from the island nation’s middle income families gathered to Colombo’s historic Galle Face and breached the President’s residence, presidential secretariat and the Prime Minister’s office on Saturday (09). The protesters had vowed to oust Rajapaksa om Saturday for his bad economic management and wrong economic polivcies

The protsters were injured when elite police shot at the agitators to prevent them from breaching the main entrance of the president’s residence where Rajapaksa was expected to have confined.

A clash between protesters and security forces broke out when an overwhelming crowd of protesters attempted to push through the gate.

Protesters later breached the gate and entered the president’ official residence, but Rajapaksa was not inside the residence. (Colombo /July 22/2022)

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