Lankans find it difficult to afford three meals a day! | Breaking News

With the rising cost of living in Sri Lanka, citizens are finding it difficult to afford three meals a day, the Reuters News Service had reported.

The report states that as a result of the fuel crisis the livelihoods of many are in jeopardy.

Due to the increase in food prices, family members have to reduce the number of meals they eat. Inflation in June in Sri Lanka was 54.6 percent, transport charges increased by 128 percent, and food inflation was 80.1 percent, according to Reuters, citing official data reports.

Economist Rehana Tawfeek, an expert in calculating food inflation, told Reuters that a Sri Lankan family should earn between 93,675 and 148,868 rupees per month to eat a nutritious diet recommended by the World Health Organization.

However, the average income of a Sri Lankan family is 76,414 rupees per month and the monthly income of a poor family, which is 20 percent of the Sri Lankan population, is 17,572 rupees, according to official data reports.

Reuters news agency said that due to the current crisis in Sri Lanka, the price of vegetables has doubled and the price of a kilo of rice, which was 145 rupees last year, has increased to 230 rupees at present.

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