Excise earns Rs.93Mn as revenue from fines in first five months | Sri Lanka News

The Department of Excise has managed to make a staggering sum of Rs.93 million as revenue to the government from fines imposed on various offences and violations of the Excise Ordinance during the first five months of this year.

The department has earned this sum of revenue from fines imposed on 13, 405 detections made countrywide from January 01st to May 31st in 2022, said the departmental spokesman Commissioner Kapila Kumarasinghe.

According to the statistics, 12, 313 detections have been made under the Excise Ordinance, National Act on Tobacco and Alcohol (NATA) and Poison, Opium and Dangerous Drugs Ordinance, and a sum of Rs.52, 990, 370 imposed as fines.

Also, 1, 092 TCR (Technical Crime Report) cases have been detected from countrywide licensed premises and revenue of Rs.41, 572, 480 had been generated through fines.

The general offences include production, transportation and sale of illicit liquor and spirits, possession and sale of Heroin, Cocaine, Ganja, illicit cigarettes and Opium.

The department has arrested 10, 432 persons in connection with these detections and 1, 881 were females.

About 900 Excise personnel took part in the detections representing 57 Excise Stations countrywide with five Special Operations Bureaus and the Excise Narcotic Unit. (Kurulu Koojana Kariyakarawana)

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