4-hour surgery for Jackson Anthony today | Breaking News

Initial police investigations have revealed that veteran actor Jackson Anthony had been behind the wheel when their vehicle had collided with a wild elephant on Saturday night (02).

 The area is a designated elephant crossing area with road signs also indicating this to drivers.

Mr. Anthony is currently being treated at the ICU of the Colombo hospital while his brother – Saman Anthony, is being treated at the ICU of the Anuradhapura hospital.

‘Dinamina’ reports that Mr. Jackson is to undergo a 4-hour surgery today.

Mr. Iresh Lakmal, who is said to be an assistant of Mr. Jackson, is also being treated at Ward No. 11 of the Anuradhapura hospital.

Meanwhile, ‘Daily Mirror’ reports quoting a wildlife official that the elephant had not been seriously injured due to the accident.

“Some villagers had seen that the elephant had fled to the jungle and rejoined with its herd and apparently the elephant has not been fatally injured. But our team is already dispatched to locate the animal and treat it. Until we find the elephant, we cannot say how bad the injuries are,” the official had told ‘Daily Mirror’.

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