Sri Lanka arrests four military personnel in connection with a rehab centre death | Sinhala News

Sri lanka News – Sri Lanka arrests four milliary personnel in connection with the suspicious death of a detainee in a Drug Rehabilitation Center in Kandakadu and a subsequent mass escape of prisoners from the facility, police media reported.

According to a press release by the police, the two army officers and two air force officers were arrested on June 01.

The military personnel worked as assistant advisors in the Centre.

They were scheduled to appear in the Polonnaruwa Magistrate Court on Sunday, June 03.

The press release said the police had found a thick electric wire and two bamboo canes which were allegedly used to beat the deceased, according to the suspects’ statement.

The younger brother and friends of the deceased had identified the body.

The post-mortem to determine the cause of death will be conducted on Thursday 07 June, the press release stated.

Police sources confirmed that out of the nearly 700 detainees who had escaped the Centre on Wednesday 29 June, around 28 more were to be arrested.

The Welikanda Police and Army personnel are working together to round up the remaining detainees, but the Centre has come under fire for its heavy militarisation among other things.

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Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission probing rehabilitation centre mass escape

The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka is currently conducting an investigation into the mass escape.

Critics are demanding a transparent investigation process, alleging that the incident will be swept under the rug due to the military connections of the institution. (Colombo/Jul03/2022)

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