Textbook printing costs go up by fivefold! | Breaking News

The Department of Educational Publications estimates that the cost of printing textbooks for the next school year will be five times higher than last year.

The Educational Publications Department has requested Rs. 11 billion from the General Treasury for this purpose.

It is said that only Rs. 300 million has been allocated for the printing of text books.

The department has also decided to increase the percentage of textbook reuse from 30% to 60% due to the current crisis situation and it is reported that the principals have been informed about this.

It is said that the text books of grades 03, 04, 05, 10 and 11 have not been re-collected from students so far but the department has decided to do so in this present backdrop.

The State Printing Corporation has taken over the printing of 45% of the textbook requirement and the Department of Educational Publications has decided to hand over the remaining 55% to private printers.

All paper required for the printing of textbooks is imported under the Indian Line of Credit and is supplied to the printers by the Ministry.

Tenders for private printers will be called next week.

(Source – Aruna)

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