People will walk as they can’t afford bus fare – Gemunu Wijeratne | Breaking News

The President of the Private Bus Owners’ Association Gemunu Wijeratne said that the increase in bus fares is unfair as 90 percent of the private buses are unable to operate and passengers are in a difficult situation.

He said the government had increased fuel prices when there was no fuel in the country and increased bus fares when buses were not running. He said that such a government was of no use to the country.

He said there was nothing wrong with implementing the national policy of increasing bus fares, but it would be more appropriate to postpone the implementation of the increase until at least 75 per cent of the buses have started running.

He pointed out that looking back at this current situation, it is very disappointing that the minimum bus fare has been increased to 40 rupees. Under this situation, many passengers will opt to walk that distance.

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