Diesel shipment due mid July and Petrol by July 22 | Sri Lanka News

Prime Minister’s advisior Sagala Ratnayake today said that a Diesel shipment containing 30,000 metric tons was due between July 11-15 and a Petrol shipment from India is due by July 22 although the government is trying to source a Petrol shipment by July 10.

Speaking at a media discussion at the Prime Minister’s Office he said only 11,000 MT of diesel, 30,000 MT of furnace oil, 800 MT of jet fuel and 5,000 MT of petrol are available at the CPC storages.

He said that a Petrol shipment is expected to arrive by July 22 from India and no permanent order has been placed before that. However he said the CPC has strong connections with a network of suppliers around the world and they were trying to secure a shipment before that. He elaborated that there was a high demand for fuel in the international market and it was one reason for the delay in securing a new shipment.

He said that 38,000 MT of diesel would be received between July 11 and 15.

Therefore, the existing diesel stocks will only be available for essential services, until the new shipment reaches the country.

There will be no issue with domestic gas supply by next month, as Litro Gas Lanka Ltd. will procure 100,000 MT of gas stock for the next four months. Another 33,000 MT of gas shipments will arrive in the country on July 6, 10, 16, 19, 21 and 31.

He said that Domestic gas will be distributed on a priority basis and the first three days after receiving the shipment on July 6 will be for the delivery of LP gas to Colombo. Thereafter necessary distribution mechanisms have been put in place to deliver domestic gas around the country in an uninterrupted manner. (Chaturanga Samarawickrama)

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